Pavers Vs Stamped Concrete


Pavers vs Stamped Concrete
  • Computer controlled manufacturing gives better strength.
  • Less water used during manufacturing creates fewer voids in pavers
  • Pavers are tested
  • Stronger strength rating of 8000 psi
  • Interlocking pavers get stronger with time
  • Never cracks due to it's interlocking design
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors
  • Give walkways and patios a more custom look
  • Create greater equity in your home versus concrete or asphalt
  • Pavers can be driven on right away
  • Pavers can move with the freeze thaw cycles of the seasons
  • Most repairs can be easily done by lifting pavers up and reseting in sand
  • Changing pavers after time to create a new look or style can be easily done

Concrete or Stamped Concrete

Pavers vs Stamped Concrete
  • There are two types of concrete: cracked and going to crack
  • All concrete eventually cracks
  • On the job site mixing creates poor manufacturing controls
  • Concrete is not tested
  • Cracks impossible to fix
  • Concrete must cure for 3 to 5 days
  • Less bearing strength of 3500 psi
  • Gets weaker with time
  • Freeze thaw cycles of the Northeast encourage cracking
  • Lower initial cost will eventually lead to higher maintenance costs
  • Limited colors and styles